Which Cooking Method Best Suits Your Beef Cut?

We believe that with the right cooking method, every Angus Beef cut can be turned into a mouth wateringly delicious meal. But sometimes it can be a little overwhelming knowing which cooking method best suits your beef cut.... which is why we've developed a simple guide to help you choose!

In this blog, we have collated and listed our popular Angus Beef cuts in alphabetical order. Next to each cut, we have selected icons from the below key, that represent the cooking methods we think will help you get the best flavour and texture out of your 100% Grass-Fed Green Meadows Angus Beef . We hope this helps guide you when you're next in the kitchen.


During the warmer months of summer, lighter and quicker cooking methods like BBQ, grilling or pan-frying are ideal. Cuts like sirloin steak, known for it's tenderness and quick cooking times, thrive on the BBQ, becoming great options of healthy summer salads, classic steak and greens or the centrepiece for a wrap.

On the other hand, the colder winter months often call for slow-cooking techniques such as braising or roasting. These methods work wonders with tougher cuts like chuck steak or beef brisket, transforming them into comforting stews or hearty roasts, perfect for the long darker nights.


In truth, there's no true one-size-fits-all answer and this is simply our guide for selection. The best cooking method for your beef cut often involves a blend of personal preference, experimentation, and sometimes, a combination of two cooking techniques.

Wanting a copy to print and keep in your recipe book? Download our cooking guide here for easy printing. 


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