Pulled Lamb Tacos

Delicious Pulled Lamb Tacos recipe by renowned chef Michael Van de Elzen, sure to be a family favourite and a perfect meal in any season.

Recipe also includes recipes for Chipotle Lime Mayo and Smashed Avocado, to pair perfectly with the Lamb Tacos.
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WARM AUTUMNAL SALAD by Michael Van de Elzen

If you’re not quite ready to swap the green salads for truffle mash, this warm salad by chef Michael Van de Elzen is the perfect stepping stone for the autumn months.

Read on for the full recipe.
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3x sauces to perfectly compliment any Beef meal!

Designed by chef Michael Van de Elzen, these 3x dressings/sauces will add something special to your Angus Beef meal, especially when paired withour Good From Scratch range.
Whether you're cooking up burgers, meatballs, skewers or something else, they will taste amazing. The question is, which one will you try first!?

Read on for the wonderful Cucumber Tzatziki, Roasted Cauliflower Hummous or Roasted Garlic Mayo recipes.

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Recipe: Rubbed BBQ Brisket with Chilli Avo Oil and Pickled Pepper Salsa

This Beef Brisket recipe is a guaranteed BBQ winner - trust us, it's worth the wait!
Send summer off in style with this incredible recipe by chef Michael Van de Elzen.

This 3-step recipe includes:

Mike's House Rub
Pickled Pepper Salsa
Rubbed BBQ Brisket 
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RECIPE: Barbequed Beef Rump with Onion Jam & Rocket

Ideal for lunch or dinner, chef Michael Van de Elzen provides another BBQ recipe to 'wow' your family and friends this summer.
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Recipe: Baked Gnocchi with Angus Beef & Beetroot Meatballs

Why not serve up this unique and colourful dish bursting with flavour for dinner tonight?
Recipe courtesy of chef Michael Van de Elzen.
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Charred Beef Baguette and Chard Salad

Dust off the BBQ and impress your guests with Michael Van de Elzen's charred beef baguette and chard salad recipe.
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