3 nifty features of your account

When you create an account at, sure it saves your contact and delivery details to make the process a little easier. However, read on to find out a couple of other nifty features about your account:

View previous invoices:
If you're wanting to check out exactly what you ordered (and when), hit the View Invoice link (see the screen shot below) and a copy of the order confirmation e-mail will be generated. This has all of the items you purchased, plus the date the box was delivered to you.  It even includes your name...fancy!

Re-order the same box:
If you're spent time using our Customise feature to craft the perfect beef box, with a click of a button you can add that exact selection to your Shopping Cart.  In the My Account page, you can review all of your successful (and unsuccessful) orders. Find the box you want and hit Reorder for this to be added to your cart. 

Track your delivery:
Once your order is collected by our courier company,  the courier tracking details are automatically e-mailed to you. 

If you can't find that e-mail in amongst your thousands of other e-mails, just click the Track and Trace link in the order history for that particular order.  It will take you to the NZ Couriers website where you can check out your delivery.

We hope you enjoy unlocking the full potential of your Green Meadows Beef account! If you have any questions about it or your order, give Gavin, Dana or Nick a call on 0800 632 333.

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