Easy Sous Vide Eye Fillet Steak

We have been taking the Shaffer-Berry Sous Vide Precision Cooker for a test run over the last few weeks.

The result? Perfectly cooked Angus Eye Fillet whether you are cooking solo or for a crowd.  

How to cook the perfect steak using a sous vide:

1.  Prepare your steak: you will need to individually vacuum seal each steak (you can ask us to do that for you when you place your order online).  If you have a bench-top vacuum sealer, you may want to season the steak / add a meat rub prior to vacuum sealing.  If vacuum sealing isn't possible, use a Glad Zip Lock bag and remove all the air using the water displacement method.

2.  Fill your water bath: depending on how many steaks you're cooking, a large pot or bin will be needed.  Fill the pot or bin with enough warm water so that the sous vide reaches it's 'minimum' level.  For 3-5 steaks, a large soup pot should be suitable.

3.  Add the sous vide: insert your sous vide machine and set the temperature.  For a medium rare Eye Fillet, we recommend 52 degrees celcius for between 1.5 and 3 hours.  The beauty with cooking at an even temperature is if you go a little over in time, the steak will not appear any more 'done' as the steak will only cook as much as the temperature allows.  


4.  Add the steak: when the water bath is up to the required temperature, add your steak.  The Shaffer-Berry 'beeps' when the temperature is reached and the timer starts.

5.  Get ready for the sear: towards the end of the cook, get ready to sear your steak.  Technically, you can eat the steak straight from the water bath, however you will miss the delicious crust you get from direct grilling.  We recommend searing each side on a high heat for a maximum of one minute each side.  Use a BBQ or cast iron skillet.


6.  Rest & enjoy: once the steak has been seared, allow the meat to rest for the fibres to relax. Season liberally with salt and pepper and enjoy.  Serve as a whole steak, or thinly slice and serve on a platter.

If you'd like to find out more about cooking with the Shaffer-Berry Sous Vide Precision Cooker, check out this video.

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