Your redemption code entitles you to a pre-selected 5kg or 10kg Green Meadows Beef Box and delivery to a physical address in the North (including Waiheke Island) and South Islands in New Zealand.

Using your redemption CODE

In order to successfully use your redemption form, you are required to enter the unique code printed on the front of the letter, your delivery details, the Harvey Norman store you purchased the goods from and your invoice number. Once you click 'submit' on the Green Meadows Beef website, you will receive an automatic confirmation confirming your voucher has been redeemed.

We require all of the above information in order to deliver the beef box to you. If you do not have your Harvey Norman invoice number, please contact the store you purchased the goods from to obtain it.

The redemption form is valid for a single use and expires on 31 December 2022.

Delivery of your beef

Once you have redeemed your voucher, one of the Green Meadows Beef team will be in contact by e-mail to advise of the expected delivery date two to three business days prior to delivery. We will deliver the products to you within 30 days of the date in which you redeemed your voucher. 

As well as your home address, we are happy to deliver to your workplace. We are unable to deliver to a PO Box or Rural Delivery address. To check whether your address is served by our courier service, please enter it here: http://www.nzcouriers.co.nz/checkit/

If your address is not served by an overnight courier service, we will deliver to the nearest courier dropoff point where you will be required to collect it.

If your delivery is delayed, we will contact you as soon as possible and advise of the expected delivery date.

To ensure a successful delivery, please notify us as soon as possible should your delivery address, phone number or e-mail address change.

Contact details

If you have any questions regarding this offer or delivery, please phone Green Meadows Beef on 0800 632 333 or by e-mail needbeef@greenmeadowsbeef.co.nz


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