How we're managing lockdown 2021

Here we are again in a level 4 lock down. Our amazing team are working hard to deliver the same exceptional standards in product quality and service our customers have become accustomed to, despite the challenges and restrictions that come with a pandemic!
From maintaining 2-metres distance, to working split shifts, we're minimising risk to our staff and customers across NZ and the world, keeping safety as our #1 priority. 

Our managing Director Nick Carey has even been getting alongside the team behind the scenes in the butchery, helping to cover for staff absences and keeping orders moving, whilst still keeping the business ticking along. That's dedication to the family business!

It's a place none of us want to be in, however we've taken the learnings from the 2020 lockdowns and used these to help implement the best and safest practices we possibly can, putting into place plans to get premium quality grass-fed beef and other products out as safely and as quickly as possible.
Thankfully we're able to continue to offer our ever popular Jackpot Meat Boxes, originally born out of the first lockdown, as a way to deliver more meat boxes to our customers faster, so watch out for another one coming very soon!

So, we just want to say a big cheers to our team and our awesome customers, we appreciate all the support and patience!


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