Our Top Beef Cuts for Slow Cooking This Winter

Winter's here... time to dust off the Slow Cook!

Slow cooking encompasses a range of delicious meals, from your favourite casserole or stew, through to flavoursome curries. 

Here’s why we’re such a big fan of slow and low cooking: 

  • Convenience – with just a little of prep, you can pop on in the morning before work and have it ready for you when you get home, freeing up time in the evening for relaxing! The best part? There’s not even much to clean up! 

  • Taste + Texture – Low and slow cooking allows the meat hours to develop a world of flavour. The result? Tender, juicy meat that gives you that real ‘melt in your mouth’ feeling!  

  • Comfort – There’s something truly comforting about a good homemade slow cooked meal. It’s hearty and the perfect food to warm you from the inside out, on a cold winters eve. 

  • Affordability – you’ll often find that slow cook cuts give you great value for money as it’s the cheaper priced cuts that are perfect for slow roasting and go a long way! 

  • Versatility – An easy option to test out new flavours or recipes with the same staple cuts! An easy way to disguise all the leftover veggies you have! 

  • Bulk cooking – Slow cooked meals are a great option to cook in bulk and freeze for later. This is perfect for someone who is time poor, or simply for those days where you can’t be bothered cooking!  

Our favourite cuts of beef for slow cooking 

Chuck Roast (Or Steak) 

This flavourful and affordable cut comes from the shoulder area of the cow and contains a good amount of marbling, which adds richness to the dish. As this part of the cow as done a lot of work over the life of the animal, cooking it low and slow avoids any toughness that you may get if you grilled it. Whether you’re throwing this guy in the oven to roast, pressure cooker or braising, prepare to enjoy delicious, tender and juicy meat that’s full of flavour. 

Perfect for: stews, curries 


Beef Brisket 

This cut comes from the breast of the cow, meaning that it can lend itself to being fatty… but the good news to this is that it only adds to the rich flavour. A cut that’s enjoyed in both winter (slow cook) and summer (BBQ). If cooked right, when slow cooked you’ll find it pulls apart, with a true melt-in-your-mouth texture. 

Perfect for: Tacos, pastas


Short Ribs 

When it comes to succulent heroes for slow cooking, short ribs are hard to beat. As its name suggests, these come from the rib area and don’t come short on flavour. Create a comforting and hearty dish by slow braising short ribs with red wine, onions, and your favourite herbs. Add a selection of in-season winter vegetables (or we love these with some creamy mash) and you’ve got yourself a true winter meal. 


Beef Mince 

Ideal for a busy household; slow cook mince recipes are sure to be a crowd pleaser with the whole family. Easy yet tasty classics, such as Spaghetti Bolognese, Mexican-inspired beef chilli, Shepherd’s Pie or Lasagne will see Mince being the ultimate MVP of the dish. 

Perfect for: Almost any dish!!


Diced Beef 

Another affordable cut that is sure to go the distance when it comes to feeding a family. A common cut for casseroles or stews and a cut which is easily accessible from us, or your nearest supermarket. 

Perfect for: Stews, casseroles

Winter cooking doesn't have to be complicated or time-consuming. With the magic of slow cooking, you can effortlessly prepare satisfying meals for your family, even on the busiest days. 

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