Mastering the Grill: Meet the Pitmaster’s BBQ Range

In this blog we’ll share our collection, exploring each cut's origin, unique characteristics, and a bit of inspiration as to how we like to cook them.
Pitmasters, revered in the world of barbecue, are the maestros of the smoker, grill, and pit. These skilled individuals have perfected the art of slow-cooking, imparting depth and richness to every cut of meat. Our Pitmasters Range pays homage to these culinary artists, offering premium cuts that are a canvas for your mastery at home.
Meet the Green Meadows Pitmaster’s Range:
  1. Rump Cap / Picanha
Originating from the top of the sirloin, the rump cap, or Picanha, is a South American delicacy known for its rich marbling and bold, beefy flavour. Savour the experience of cooking it over an open flame, letting the fat cap baste the meat for a mouth-watering crust.
  1. Beef Tri Tip
Hailing from the bottom sirloin, the Tri Tip is a lean yet tender cut. Its unique triangular shape makes it ideal for slicing against the grain, revealing its juicy, succulent texture. Grill or roast to perfection, and let the natural flavours shine through.
  1. Tomahawk Steak
The Tomahawk is the epitome of beef indulgence, with its long rib bone resembling a tomahawk axe. Cut from the ribeye, this behemoth offers a perfect balance of marbling and tenderness. Fire up the grill for a show-stopping feast that's as much about presentation as it is about taste.
  1. Beef Cheeks
Nestled deep within the facial muscles, beef cheeks are a hidden gem prized for their melt-in-your-mouth tenderness. Slow-cook these cheeks to unleash a rich, unctuous flavour that's perfect for braises, stews, or even tacos.
  1. Beef Short Ribs
Cut from the plate, short ribs boast a perfect combination of meat and marbling. Ideal for low and slow cooking methods, these ribs develop a robust flavour and fork-tender texture. Smoke, braise, or slow-cook for a decadent dining experience.
  1. Angus Beef Brisket
The king of barbecue, brisket comes from the breast section of the steer. With a perfect balance of fat and lean meat, brisket is a pitmaster's playground. Smoke it low and slow for a tender, smoky masterpiece that's sure to impress.

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