Why we love to put beetroot in our burgers

One of the questions we often get asked during food shows or supermarket demonstrations is: “why did you put beetroot in your beef burgers and meatballs”?

We thought we’d take you through the product development process and include a few facts on why eating more beetroot is good for your health.

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Our Angus Beef & Beetroot Burgers and Meatballs contain a whopping 23% of fresh, grated beetroot.  These are one of the products in our “Good From Scratch” range developed with celebrity chef Michael Van de Elzen.

The premise behind Mike’s range is to create healthy, tasty and convenient food and these certainly tick the boxes.

“Beetroot is one of my favourite vegetables to include in a dish.  The vibrant colour makes it fun for the kids, and the flavour works well with red meat which is why the Beef and Beetroot patties and meatballs are such a winner”, says Mike.

Mike also says that the higher vegetable content (over 30% in total once the grated carrot is included) makes the products a good option without compromising on taste, efficiency in the kitchen or the need to give up Friday night burgers.


Beetroot is definitely one of the buzz vegetables at the moment – you’ll find it in soups, dips and, of course, even burgers!

Dietitian Sarah Tuki says “incorporating beetroot into the diet provides us with a rich source of folate and fibre, as well as containing antioxidants.  Folate is used to make and keep up the running of our DNA, and is important for preventing neural tube defects in babies during pregnancy. While fibre is essential to help keep our bowels healthy through preventing constipation and feeding the good gut bugs we have.”

Sarah also points to research that has found that consumption of beetroot may help to lower blood pressure, and may improve athletic performance. 

“One third of New Zealanders do not get enough vegetables in their diet so sneaking in extra wherever we can is helpful for our overall health and wellbeing”, says Sarah.


 It is all well and good talking up the nutritional and functional benefits of beetroot, but what about the product that we source for our burgers and meatballs?

Most of the beetroot used is grown in the Hawke’s Bay.  To fill the gap between seasons, sometimes product grown in the South Island is also used. 

The product is all topped by hand, machine peeled, washed in chlorinated water before being grated and washed again.  It is dried and packed before being shipped to us in New Plymouth for production.

Using fresh (and not cooked beetroot) helps with the production process and ensures that when you bite into your burgers and meatballs you still get a delicious crunch.

If this has your mouth watering, pick up some of our Angus Beef and Beetroot Burgers or Meatballs on our Good From Scratch page, or view our nationwide stockists here.

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