Michael Van de Elzen's Guide to Beef Cuts

Eye fillet
Eye fillet is the best of the best, it’s very easy to cook as it’s a very tender cut.
Best cut for the BBQ
Fancy dinners
Quick dishes
Feeding large groups
Dry cooking methods
Beef tartare
Mike’s must-try list:
  • Sear the fillet whole on the BBQ and then season generously with salt, close the lid and continue cooking to an internal temperature of 55 degrees, and allow to rest before serving.
  • BBQ in steaks and serve with béarnaise sauce
  • Try in a classic beef wellington
  • Wrap the fillet in bacon, cook and top with creamy mushrooms
Sirloin is one of the best cuts for cooking on the BBQ or cooking whole for large groups. It’s not as tender as eye fillet but it makes up for it in flavour
Best for BBQ’s as steaks
Cooked whole for large groups
Minute steaks for sandwiches
Sliced thin for sauté dishes
Steaks seared in hot pan and then finished in oven
Sous vide cooking
Dry cooking methods
Mike’s must-try list:
  • Sear the whole sirloin and then brush with Dijon mustard and cook in the oven till the centre reaches 55 degrees, remove and rest before serving
  • Rub steaks in a classic beef rub and cook on the BBQ until just cooked, rest and slice before serving
  • Slice really thinly and sauté quickly, serving with Asian herbs and white rice
My favourite cut! Similar to sirloin, however since the fat is on the inside of the meat it helps to keep the meat juicy!
Best for BBQ’s as steaks
Cooked whole for groups
Steaks seared in hot pan and then finished in the oven
Mike’s must-try list:
  • Scotch is the king of the BBQ! Season well with heaps of flaky salt, cracked pepper and oil. Place onto a hot griddle pan, flat pan, flat plate or BBQ.
  • Huge meat skewers with onions and peppers
  • Seared whole, brushed with mustard and then sprinkled with meat rub before cooking in the oven on 180 degrees till the centre reaches 55 degrees
Rump Steak
Still a great cut for the BBQ, but try not to cook over Medium
Quick cooking sauté dishes
Minute steaks
Beef jerky
Mike’s must-try list:
  • My daughter Ivy’s favourite, beef stroganoff
  • Run a rump steak through some thick soya before cooking on the BBQ
  • Spit roasting
Chuck and blade steaks
These can be broken down into great steak cuts like the flat iron steak.
Chuck is the best cut for the traditional rolled roast
Slow casseroles and stews
Braised dishes and wet cooking in a pressure cooker for Indian curries
It is one of the better cuts for ageing.
Mike’s must-try list:
  • Good old fashion meat pie, try making the pastry from scratch!
  • Beef Krokets
  • Slow cooker dishes like Beef Goulash and Indonesian beef rendang
  • Try marinating for several hours before cooking in a mix of soya, garlic, ginger and a dash of black vinegar.
  • Traditional Dutch krokets, croquettes of gooey meaty goodness!
Skirt steaks
Skirt steak is a very lean cut of meat. Over cooking skirt causes it to become very dry, tough and chewy.
Stir fry’s
Hot plate cooking
Mike’s must-try list:
  • Marinate the steak in yoghurt, salt and pepper for three days before cooking over a hot plate quickly to medium rare
  • Oil, season and sear it quickly on a skillet or flat plate. Cook to medium rare, never over, and allow to rest well. Slice thinly across the grain to maximise the tenderness.
  • Season and sear before chilling and slice thinly. Garnish with parsley, goats cheese, fennel and a Dijon mustard dressing
Brisket and short rib
Low and slow cooking breaks down the tissue leaving the meat very tender and moist.  You will need to brine, rub with a meat rub and cook over a low flame for a number of hours. Wrap in tin foil and then allow to rest in a warm spot for a further hour.
Short ribs are also well used in long moist cooking, like red wine braised beef ribs. Ensure you keep the cooking liquid and reduce slowly for an amazing glaze.
American style cooking works so well with these cuts of meat
Mike’s must-try list:
  • Red wine and beer marinated ribs over olive oil mash. Ensure you keep the cooking liquid and reduce slowly for an amazing glaze.
  • Slow cooked brisket on a Engel fire or Webber BBQ
  • Pulled beef with chipotle aioli

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