Delicious NEW summer BBQ options - available now

We’ve teamed up with renowned chef Michael Van de Elzen again to design and launch our NEW Angus Beef & Kumara Meatballs and Burgers.
What better ingredient to pair with our premium quality Angus Beef mince than NZ's much loved root vegetable. So versatile, it works perfectly with most dressings, salads and sides. The options are endless.

As per the Green Meadows philosophy, this recipe is 100% gluten and preservative free, certified 'Good From Scratch' and we know you and your family will love them.

Sounds great, where can I get them?
You won't believe how good they are until you give them a try. So, keep an eye out in store or at your local home and garden and food expos and you may come across our amazing sampling team, who will be more than happy to offer you a taste.  

Plus, the full range is available to purchase in store now. For a list of stockists, click here:

We would love to see your meal creations, share with us or tag us on Facebook using @GreenMeadowsBeef and/or Instagram using @GetBeef

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