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Green Meadows 5kg Quartet Box

Green Meadows 5kg Quartet Box

We've added another string to our bow!  We've picked four classic cuts of meat to get your tastebuds excited.

Swappa Box

We understand that each and every one of our customers has different beef tastes.  Some of you have told us you can’t get enough of our Premium Beef Sausages and we’ve even made up special Green Meadows Beef Boxes of straight Premium Beef Sausages!  Some others have told us that our Premium Beef Mince is some of the leanest they’ve ever tried and can they get all Premium Beef Mince and no Premium Beef Sausages.

In response, we’ve engineered Swappa Box.  If there are one or more cuts you’d like to swap, simply complete the trade in the panels on the right of the page.

For example, you could swap Premium Beef Sausages for Premium Beef Mince, Hamburger Patties for Premium Beef Sausages or Casserole Beef for Hamburger Patties.  That way, you get the benefits of a Green Meadows Beef box, but tailored to your requests.

We can instantly see one question:  Can I swap all Premium Beef Mince for Eye Fillet Steak?  We wish!  Did you know that, on average, only 2.5% of a Green Meadows Beef animal is Eye Fillet?  With Swappa Box you can only swap like for like – the same valued cuts.  We're simply allowing you to make a great Green Meadows Beef box even better.

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