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Our Beef

Beef animals are farmed purely for eating.  Dairy cows are for producing milk.  That's why we carefully select and farm only Angus beef steers from cattle farmers that pride themselves on breeding and rearing the best.  Green Meadows Beef does not come from dairy cows.  While we do have other breeds of animals on farm, all Green Meadows Beef animals are pure-bred Angus.

Dairy cows are primarily those black and white ones that look like they are having fun, whereas beef cattle are mostly the beautiful big butch ones that stand and stare at you - John Torode.

Our 420 acre (170 ha) farm is located south of Opunake in Coastal Taranaki, a stone's throw from the popular Green Meadows surf break.  We are on the banks of the Taungatara Stream and underneath the majestic Mount Taranaki.  This climate provides the perfect environment for our animals to eat grass pasture and grow naturally.

At Green Meadows Beef our animals graze on cool climate grass. This gives our meat outstanding flavour, colour and texture.  Plus, the cattle live a happy life out in the open. We also feed our animals supplements (grass silage and hay) that are only ever grown on farm. 

Our animals are free to roam which ensures they are are raised ethically in their environment - just as nature intended.

What's our point of difference?  We are the farmer.  Through our own butcher (Pat - who has over 25 years experience), we are also the butcher.  This gives us complete control over the premium beef that is delivered to your door.

The People Behind the Beef

Check us out to your right! Michael (Joe), Margy, Brent, Karl and Nick Carey are proud to share Green Meadows Beef with you.  We are a family business passionate about our products and our customers.  You'll find Joe sharing his decades of farming knowledge with anyone willing to listen, Margy keeping the troops fed with her latest Green Meadows Beef creations, Brent keeping you abreast on Twitter, Karl doing deals and Nick trying to keep the show together!

For us, as a family, the launch of Green Meadows Beef aims to address many of the tough questions we ask about the foods we eat today: Where does our food come from? Who grows these products? Are the animals cared for? We've found the solution with Green Meadows Beef. Order online today and take advantage of free delivery New Zealand wide.

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